Alde Heating System Servicing.

Alde heating systems are sealed installations that operate in a similar manner to domestic central heating systems. A 230v heater warms the fluid within the system which is circulated to convectors sited within your caravan or motorhome by a pump. The fluid in the system consists of water plus an antifreeze mixture which protects the system in cold weather – just like your car. Over time the effectiveness of this fluid mixture decreases and requires changing to maintain optimum efficiency.

We have the official servicing equipment to carry out the recharging of the Alde heating system in your caravan or motorhome. We use Alde branded coolant that provides ongoing protection for five years

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Five Year Fluid Recharge (Pink) £260

Gaslow International Refillable LPG Gas Cylinders

Gaslow International have been producing their renowned refillable LPG gas cylinder systems since 2004. Suitable for Caravans and Motorhomes a Gaslow System is a safe and cost effective means of ensuring you don’t run out of gas. Gaslow cylinders can be topped up or refilled at any time at any filling station that sells LPG – so no more hunting around for a local gas cylinder stockist!! Our Engineers are trained and experienced in installing and maintaining Gaslow Systems. For further information on installation and ongoing maintenance costs contact us now on 01656 856565 or e.mail