Caravan & Motorhome Damp Repair Services

Water ingress into the structure of a Caravan or Motorhome can become a serious – and potentially expensive – problem to overcome if it is not spotted and treated at an early stage. Curing water ingress can range from a simple reseal around a window or a body seam to a major stripdown involving repair or replacement of exterior and interior panels. 

Regular habitation servicing which includes a damp check will normally highlight any problems. However, if your Caravan or Motorhome is not used regularly we would recommend more frequent checks to identify any issues.

Damp Check & Repair

We are specialists in damp repair work and follow a well proven investigation and repair process to ensure water ingress site(s) are correctly identified, any damage caused is repaired to the highest standard using quality materials and the repairs are subject to extensive testing on completion.

We are happy to provide a photographic record of key stages of any repair work and we guarantee our workmanship unconditionally for 12 months after repairs are completed.

Our full damp repair process includes:

  • Thorough test to identify source and location of water ingress
  • Determine extent of any damage and nature of repairs required
  • Provide estimate of likely repair cost
  • Gain access to damp affected area(s) by removing external and internal fittings and furniture as required
  • Thoroughly dry damp areas and repair or replace damaged material
  • Rebuild vehicle and make good any consequential damage
  • Reseal joints, seams and/or windows disturbed by repair work
  • Thoroughly test repaired area prior to return of vehicle to customer